The school has been divided into subunits called ‘houses’ and each student is allocated to one house at the time of the enrollment. Houses compete with each other at sports, arts and other activities, thus providing a focus for team spirit.

‘Houses’ in St. Joseph’s Public school are Earth ,Jupiter, Mars, and Venus.

Teacher in charges:

  • Ms.Theertha & Ms. Jessy-Emerald House
  • Ms. Mili & Ms. Philomina- Sapphire House
  • Ms. Jilymol & Ms. Sona-Ruby House
  • Ms. Indu & Ms. Elby- Topaz House

Student leaders:

EMERALD HOUSELeemon Martin & Catherin Jinu
Ruby HouseAdarsh Paul & Gourikrishna
Sapphire HouseJude Abraham & Sandra Henry
Topaz HouseKevin Sabu & Aleena Francis